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Re: Aesthetic Margin Size

Although I enjoyed Bringhurst's book (a poet _and_ a book designer:
what a combination!), I find the best reference to book layout is
Tschichold's The Form of the Book.  My copy is a 1991 Hartley &
Marks publication (ISBN 0-88179-116-4).

One way is to divide your page height and width into 9 parts, and
use one part for the inside and top margins and two parts for the
outside and bottom margins. However, Tschichold has some very good
advice on page proportions and you could get some very interesting
results if you chopped the 8.5 x 5.5 down to a proportion of 2:3
(that would make the 8.5 side 8.258"). Then the margins could be
in the proportion of 2:3:4:6 to each other and the text height
would be the width of the page.  This will also locate the text
block on the diagonal of the page area; a classic design. Also,
page numbers and running heads are not part of the text block
and would be in the margins, as far as page design measurements

        David Macfarlane.
        Green Dolphin Press

Jeff Morris wrote:
> For an 8.5 by 5.5in page what margins would give the most
> pleasing look for a page of text with pagenumbering at the bottom?
> Are there agreed upon standards, say width/height ratios, or a
> certain % of whitespace?

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