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Re: Looking for Book

Disney Books are HIGHLY Collectible so you might
check on some of the Antiques and Collectibles
sites on the Web. Or just use Yahoo for
Disney and Collectibles. I have seen
this type of thing at flea markets and in
antique and collectible group shops. You might
try ones in your area.

At 10:32 AM 10/1/97 CST, you wrote:
>don't know if the book arts listserv can help ya, but I've had pretty
>good success with book searches. Check your local independent new
>&/or used bookstore and they might be able to do a book search for
>you. they usually take a few weeks and might cost a dollar or 2.
>There usually 50% successful. If a booksearch don't do it, check
>www.interloc.com - it's an internet book search engine, but it
>usually has higher brow books/collectibles, but who knows Golden
>Books & Disney books might be handled by a particular dealer out
>good luck
>t. chouinard

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