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Re: email address change

Dear Peter:

I am having awful trouble with my email server.  I seem to be having an
intermittent problem connecting to the internet, and am at the point where
I am about to change my internet server.  If you had any problems with mail
reaching me today it was because my cpu and modem were at the current
internet server's workshop, checking out my system.  According to them the
system is fine, but when I got home this evening, I was confronted with the
very same problem that caused me to have my cpu in their possession for a
day, in the first place.

If I change servers, I will immediately let you know my new address.  It
will almost certainly be rondelay@onthenet (not sure if they will be
.com.au or .net).  I will certainly keep you informed. Quite a lot of mail
has already arrived.

Thank you for your input.

Vi Wilson
rondelay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx  (for the moment!!)

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