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Re: San Francisco

        Someone mentioned Japantown and Chinatown, both of which I visited in a
whirlwind one day visit to SF on my way to a retreat/workshop with Jenny
Hunter Groat at Green Gulch Zen Center. I have a particular interest in
things Japanese and had a great time in Japantown. It was about 7 years
ago, but I assume much is the same. There is a modern area with
restaurants and shops and a great bookstore, starts with a K but I don't
remember the name. If you leave there, you are in the older section. I
found everything interesting- things like the hardware store having
Japanese tools. There's also a Japanese garden in Golden Gate Park. If
you have the opportunity to leave the city, Green Gulch is a beautiful
place. At that time, you could join the community for lunch for a fee.
Have fyun. I look forward to a return visit someday.
in good spirit,

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