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San Francisco

If you're going to San Francisco ...

Kinokuniya bookstore in Japan Center has its own paper store.
There are a couple of other places in Japantown that have
paper, including the hardware store on Post. You have
to poke around a bit. I found wonderful origami paper, as well
as mulberry paper.
   There's an interesting little calligrapher's shop in Chinatown
on Grant, near Jackson as I recall. Don't know the name. They
had large calligrapher's brushes in the window -- I assume
they have paper (I was drawn in because they sell silk tassels)
   Amsterdam Art in Berkeley has a large assortment of papers.

  It's a bit of a stretch, but if you have any interest in
fiberarts, there is a major show on at San Francisco State
(in the Art Gallery) thru' Oct 18.

Susan Fatemi

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