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Re: "Which Paper" source

Does this book, by any chance, describe the different types of paper?  A =
friend is looking for such a resource and from the title I wasn't sure.


From:   Karen Crisalli[SMTP:KarenC5071@xxxxxxx]
Sent:   Thursday, October 02, 1997 5:45 PM
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Subject:        "Which Paper" source

In a message dated 97-09-25 00:25:37 EDT, you write:

<< Would anyone on the list know about availability of a book called =
 Paper?" by Silvie Turner,  >>

This book is currently in stock and available immediately by mail order =
Bookbinder's Warehouse <KarenC5071@xxxxxxx> for $26.95 plus $3 shipping.

Regards, Karen Crsalli/Bookbinder's Warehouse

We accept visa, m/c and amex

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