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Pasting down endpapers

I've been experiencing a problem with my endpapers. Following the
instructions in all the books, I cut them square and the same size as the
next page in the book. Then I paste them and insert the bookblock in the
case. And, naturally enough, the pasted endpaper has stretched and winds up
bigger than the unpasted half of the end paper. This is unsightly when the
book is closed, because the endpaper protrudes beyond the block, so the
inner faces of the squares aren't just the cover material, but half paper,
half something else, and at worst, the paper has stretched so much, it even
extends out beyond the squares altogether (that was on a large book).

None of my reference books even mentions this problem. Are there
don't-stretch-when-pasted papers that I should be using? Is there some way
of trimming it once it's pasted and I can see how much it's stretched?

Help, anyone?




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