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Re: Curse puts fear of God into thieving clerics

At 06:23 PM 10/3/97 +0000, you wrote:

>Dear Sam Lanham,
>First of all: the 'Curse puts fear of God into thieving clerics'
>message was found this morning in an English newspaper. So the text,
>nor the implicite opinion is mine. That I presented the message as a
>'must read' was based on my feeling that the report is rather
>humorous than serious. I most certainly did not intend to
>send a serious warning to the internet book community. Apparently the
>author of the report has been most careful by telling that on one day
>both a priest and a rabbi had been stealing books. I have always been
>convinced, and still are, that in general priests, ministers, or
>whatever leaders exist in the religious world have a higher moral
>standard, and should have, than us 'ordinary' people. I really regret
>if this message offended you. If I had been able to foresee your
>reaction I would not have posted it to the mailinglist.
>Do enjoy your weekend,
>kind regards,
>Ton Cremers
Thank you, Ton. I can quite appreciate this as a humorous thing but perhaps
because we are not acquainted personally I had no way to judge. I'm not the
sensitive type (old ministers get pretty thick-skinned) but given some of
the stuff that gets on even this refined list I need to see a :-) or
something to assure me that a posting is intended in jest.

That said, I have certainly known ministers who would fit that picture,
sorry to say.  I appreciate your quick response and now that I know you
better I'll be better equipped to read between the lines, if necessary.

Regards from the Texas Hill Country.

Sam Lanham
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Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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