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Re: Pasting down endpapers

Jane -

Endsheets will stretch depending on:

        1) the amount of pressure applied at right angles to the
        grain of the endsheet.  I assume the grain is running
        head to tail (with the length of the board).  and..

        2) the water content in the casing-in adhesive.  If the
        adhesive has been thinned to make it easier to spread, it
        will tend to make the paper expand more.

After the book has dried, observe the paste down sheet near the area
of the linen hinge.  If there is a crease or wrinkles, it indicates
too much adhesive.  Try using less.

May I suggest, when applying the adhesive to the endsheet, to brush
with the grain i.e. head to tail (up and down), not side to side. And
try using a larger brush.  The more area you cover with one stroke, the
less repetitive pressure applied to the paper.

Lastly, I quote Arthur Johnson, "The Practical Guide to Craft

        If the endpapers stretch beyond the foredge, this could
        indicate either slow working, very thin glue or flimsy
        endpapers, and can be obviated in later attemps by re-
        moving a narrow strip from the foredge of the endpaper
        before gluing.  The amount trimmed should equal the stretch
        of the paper, but can only be judged by familiarity with
        adhesives and paper substance.  Finally, leave the  book
        to dry between weighted boards.

Hope this helps.  Enjoy the weekend.

 - Terrence

        Terrence Collins                 collins@xxxxxxxxx
        Library Associate-Periodicals    Book Repair Unit
        Gramley Library, Salem College   phone: 910-917-5423
        Winston-Salem, NC  27108         f a x: 910-917-5339

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