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Re: Pasting down endpapers

Thank you Terrence for your thoughtful response.  We're getting some good
suggestions to this question.  You mention using a bigger brush.  I've
been applying glue with a painting tool.  This is a trick I learned from
my friend Artemis and I think it is the cat's meow for applying PVA.

Now if I can describe it so you can figure out what I'm talking about.
There is a plastic handle and a removable pad that is kind of nappy like
a paint roller might be.  The first one I hadhad a pad area about 3x5
inches, but now I have one that's made for edging that is about an inch
and a half by three.  It is much quicker to use than a brush and spreads
the glue both thinly and evenly.

I keep it in a plastic food container with a snap off lid.  A hole is
poked in each side and a bamboo skewer inserted through them.  That is
the scraper offer for the excess glue.

My thanks to Artemis for showing me this trick--and to whoever she got it
from at a workshop somewhere.


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