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Re: Pasting down endpapers

        I have had exactly the problem you describe while using PVA to paste
down end papers. All of the suggestions posted are good, an alternate
solution is to use paste instead of glue. It can be made as thick as you
like by using less water  in its creation. The less water used the less
swelling you get in the paper. ( It should really be pasty, not at all
        It is also possible with paste to apply it to the boards of the book,
instead of to the papers and the wipe off the excess after the pages are
rubbed down. Lay a sheet of plain waste paper over the end paper while
rubbing down. Paste doesn't grab like PVA, so it won't stick. This way
you avoid the occaissional waxy residue from a waxed paper rub down
sheet and the waste sheet absorbs some moisture. Good Luck.--Erin Moore

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