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Re: Pasting down endpapers

I have been reading this thread with interest.  I don't have a lot of
experience with case binding -- I do more non-adhesive binding than otherwise
-- but I have a question.

Does "double-pasting" (my non-technical term) do anything to help this
problem of expanding papers?  I have been taught at some point to put a thin
layer of paste on, wait for that to dry, and then reapply another thin layer
right before pasting it to the other material.  One specific instance when
this is appropriate is when paper is being applied to a relatively coarse
bookcloth:  the glue is put on the book cloth to fill in the holes and make
the cloth a smoother surface to paste to.

Would a dried preliminary layer of paste on an endpaper help minimize the
stretching?  Or are there reasons why two layers would be undesirable?

Beth Lee
Tallahassee, Florida


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