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Re: Pasting down endpapers

      Erin Moore said in a recent post:
   "...an alternate solution is to use paste instead of glue. It can be
   made as thick as you like by using less water  in its creation.
   The less water used the less swelling you get in the paper.
   (It should really be pasty, not at all runny.)"

Just One More suggestion, while I think of it... a few years ago I started
making my cooked paste *very* thick, so that it cooled into a solid.  Then
Really whip it in a food processor, blender, or even electric beaters and you
would be amazed at how dreamy it becomes to apply.   Its the best way I
know of to minimize water content, while maximizing spreadability.   The
only down-side is it does increase preparation and clean up time.

Say, is anyone else out there collecting all of these great tips ?
And thanks to the patient non-binders on this list who are probably getting
a bit weary of this thread by now...  B-)
Michael Keller

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