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Successfully pasted!

-  I made the paste thick (like the lumps in badly made custard)
-  used a paste brush as wide as the book
-  couldn't test how much the paper would expand first because I only had
just enough paper to match the original book, so had to leave that
suggestion until another time
-  worked fast, but without undue panic. Of course, the phone rang, but I
ignored it.
-  got the book into my home made press just as fast as I could (more like
one of those dainty dried flower presses than anything professional, but it
seems to serve its purpose)

and it worked! The paste down is aligned perfectly with the book block at
the fore-edge!

Mind you, the book is only 2 inches wide, so maybe this wasn't a good test.

Thank you, everyone, for taking so much time and trouble to share your
experience with me. I have saved all your answers, and if someone asks the
same thing next year, you can send them my way.




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