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Re: Sewing stations

I teach a lot of beginning bookbinding. Mostly people who want to make their
own personal books or artists who want some basic bookbinding. I have always
tried to teach the best procedures I know. I recently had a student come to
class to refresh her skills that she learned 20 years ago. She became very
upset when I did not have my students use a sewing frame--so upset she didn't
come back to class--I wasn't teaching correct procedure. The class was doing
a small (6" x 8") case bound book with only 8 sections. I did not feel a
sewing station was necessary.  (We have two and I offered her one if she
insisted on using one.) Then I realized that I had never really understood
why a sewing station was necessary. I can see that it would be helpful in
working on a large book.  But is there something about using the sewing
station that is important to the good construction of a book?

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