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Re: Sewing Frame

>I use a sewing frame I made myself with a plank of ply-wood and 3 pieces
>of wood (2 of the dimension about 20-25 cm by 3 by 3 (to be able to work
>with various thickness of books) and one of the length of the larger
>dimension of the plank and the same section of the other two). I glued
>them together to make a sort of gallow (sorry!) and use some tape to be
>able to maintain the tension of the cords with various book thickness.
>(hope my description is good enought!)

You can also use _long_ carriage bolts for the uprights bolted
into the piece of plywood for the base with a piece of wood for
attaching the cords and adjusting the tension with wing nuts on
the carrage bolts.  Not elegant, but functional.


        Eric Alstrom     Athens, Ohio    ealstrom1@xxxxxxxxx
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