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Re: Sewing Frame

Another point about consolidation I neglected to mention (and please forgive
those typos) is the reason you do it before adding the next section and not
at the end (e.g., by pressing the sewn text block, which I do after sewing
and before gluing, rounding and backing): if you press the book without
having consolidated it you may get too much slack in the kettlestitches, and
in extreme cases (spongy paper, tight sewing around the cords), you can get
kinky cords. It's a nuisance and waste of time to extricate cords from this
effect, as it is caused by the final thickness of the compressed text block
being less than the length of the cord from first to last section. The
excess has to be pulled out.
If you've only sewn on tapes, do learn cord sewing. It's a wonderful thing,
and for those who love the act of bookbinding, nothing else gives the
particular pleasure and satisfaction of performing this operation. In
addition, the feel of a tight back laced-in cord binding is superb.


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