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BBW new area code

There have been several comments from list members on and off the list re
difficulties in reaching us (Bookbinder's Warehouse) by phone. It's simple:
 the phone company changed our area code to (732) back in June.  (A) Until
December, they supposedly will automatically forward all calls dialed to the
old (908) code --- the operative word being 'supposedly'. (B) After December,
calls to the old area code are supposed to get a recording referring callers
to the new number; (C) then, next year the call simply won't go through at
all to the old area code.

This may seem fairly straight forward, but already it seems half the world
can reach us at the new (732) area code, and half cannot.  Why ask why.
Suffice it to say, the Bookbinder's Warehouse new area code (but same old
phone number) IS (732). If, if, if it doesn't work, then try the old one.  We
are here, just some apparent hitches with the phones over the last month!
Real havoc for a mail order company!

Regards, Karen/Bookbinder's Warehouse

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