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Verheyen Baby!

Oh-h-h-h, Sysop Peter Verheyen is gonna' be mad at me but:

May I be (possibly) be the first to publicly say CONGRATULATIONS to Peter
Verheyen and his wife Hope Kuniholm on the birth of their first child, Sofia
Klara Verheyen who arrived Tuesday and weighed in at an even eight pounds.
Although I received notification via personal e-mail it would appear that
Peter has for whatever reason not *shouted* this through the entire list and
he will probably KILL me for doing so, but such a wonderful event deserves to
be announced. So, Peter and Hope, Congratulations and Best Wishes on the
birth of your new daughter Sofia!

I haven't yet gotten it to work, but those who are interested in visiting
Baby Sofia and see her picture are supposed to be able to do so at:

Best wishes, Karen C.

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