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Re: Do bookbinder's children have no baby books?

On Oct 9,  3:16pm, ***Beth*** wrote:
> Subject: Re: Do bookbinder's children have no baby books?

> >Has anyone here done anything exciting for their own child, for a friend's
> >child or as a commissioned work?
> >
> >Or a commemorative text or broadside?
> >
> >   Karen from Atlanta
> >
>-- End of excerpt from ***Beth***

When my daughter was born I began to print a series of limited edition
chapbooks of nursery rhymes on a small, table-top, press, and kept at it for
about three or four years. Since her parents named her Hannah the series got
called Hannah Goose Nursery Rhymes. Maybe not 'exciting,' but pretty fun--a way
to amuse for awhile the Muse of Domestic Bliss

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