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Re: Do bookbinder's children have no baby books?

Yes, I have made two children's books based on photos of my
grand-daughter.  The first is a unique book (until I make color copies)
containing photos of her and the stuffed animal, Spot (and feature of his
own books).  It shows her at age 3 mo telling Spot that he is intruding
on her personal space.  The cover fabric is from her crib sheet (that is
also in the photos) and the photos are mounted on handmade paper with the
accompanying text done with rubber stamps.

The second book, Ms. Manners' Guide to Watermelon is of her eating
watermelon.  The cover is an abstract watermelon made of polymer clay
with a bite having been taken out of the cover.  The pages are of
handmade paper over 2 ply mat board with there being 4 photos (smiling at
a huge piece of melon, trying to eat it with a utensil, digging in with
both hands, and offering a piece to the reader--there is no text but the
unwrittten message is that Ms. Manners says it is nice to share).  The
colophon is the piece bitten off of the cover and pressed to paper
thinness.  I have also made an edition of 5 color xerox copies.


On Thu, 9 Oct
1997, Karen Sanders wrote:

> Well, if cobbler's children have no shoes,
>       do bookbinders's children have baby books bought from Amazon.com?
> Has anyone here done anything exciting for their own child, for a friend's
> child or as a commissioned work?
> Or a commemorative text or broadside?
>    Karen from Atlanta

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