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Re: Printing equipment for sale

-- [ From: Al Rubottom * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --

TWIMC:  I just spoke with Mr. Drain, a fine & friendly gentleman,
and you all should know that this list is far from comprehensive.
He has much more than is itemized here, such as a numbering machine
[to count printer output, I presume], a paper drill, two corner-round cutters
[1 large, 1 small], and so on. He has been accumulating presses & printing
equipment for some time [he's 73] and now wants to sell it off.
The big C&P is a 10x15 bed size, with motor. He has had as much as
250 cases of type in his barns. I think he has sold off much of that inventory.
But what's left amounts to far more than a single print shop's worth of
Anyone in the vicinity or within a reasonable distance should check out his
offerings. He seems to be an eminently reasonable person to deal with.
He's located about ten miles south of Bowling Green.

Al Rubottom
Ganesha Press

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  >On your way to or from Ann Arbor, you might want to check this out:
  >Print Shop for sale:
  >printing press     Chandler & Price    $400-500
  >2 hand presses
  >paper cutter    Chandler & Price   20-30 in.
  >paper cutter     Challenger          20-30 in.
  >hydraulic paper cutter (electric)  30 in.     $500
  >type & racks     50 cases
  >gallery racks
  >gallery trays
  >gold stamper
  >wood furniture    (holds type in place)
  >chasers   (iron)
  >steel furniture
  >sticks  ( stainless steel)
  >2 saddle stitchers
  >paper drill      $200-250,
  >round corner cutter, gold ink, silver ink, plus much much more!
  >Please contact:
  >Donald Drain
  >16082 Bays Road
  >Rudolph, Ohio  43462

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