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Re: Do bookbinder's children have no baby books?

continuing about "baby" books, Michelle Weber (MichaLou@xxxxxxx), mentioned=
interesting piece in the last exhibition of artist books at the Library and=
Research Center (LRC) of the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA).

Here's the label text from the exhibition which accompanied the book:

BEATRIZ MEJIA-KRUMBEIN  (American, b. in Columbia)
Album - Children, 1993-1994
Mixed media
22 x 16=BD in.
Unique artist's book

In Album-Children, Colombian-born artist Beatriz Mejia-Krumbein explores th=
politics of family and parenthood.  A gigantic pacifier / bookmark symboliz=
the way in which children are "kept quiet and entertained" for the sake of
adults. Paintings of newborn babies on the cover of this altered interior
designer's fabric-sample album may mislead the casual viewer. This is not a
cheerful baby-book--it is a powerful statement against child neglect, abuse=
and the practice of turning adoption into a lucrative business.  "The
creation of this book," says the artist, "gave me an opportunity to think
about children in this changing society.  The dedication page reflects the
parents' joy and excitement as they search for names for a newborn baby.   =
This brings memories of relatives, friends and people I have met in the
different countries I have lived and has a special meaning for me as it end=
with my grandmother's name ^=D1Zola.'  The book is dedicated to my children=
Jack Andreas and Heidi Nadine -- my love for them being the inspiration for
this book."                                   =20

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