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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 8 Oct 1997 to 9 Oct 1997

Hi Karen

When my first grandson was born I made a full leather box in the shape of a
mail box, with his name and address gold stamped  and a LOVE  stamp.  I write
to him letters that I ask my son and dauther in law not to open.  That will
be up to him to read when he wishes.  They live a thousand miles away and I
don't see them very often so that is a way for them to know me and they will
appreciate it better when they will be older.  For his sister, I also made a
full leather rounded top box.  I also made photo albums for them.
For my last granddauther I made a book in flower shape where the pages open
three different ways.  The cover is in leather.  I offered this book for her
Christening and the design was not done on the book.  Her 2 year old cousin,
seeing everybody signing in the book wanted to do the same but didn't open
the cover and "draw" on the leather.  I used it as a starting point and made
a very funny design..........and I wrote in the book how the design came to
be since it is not really my style !!!!!!!!
I made a box where the book pops up as you open it.
Great fun to do.
Congratulation Peter.......I will have a look at Sofia (lovely name)
Monique Lallier

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