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training or apprenticeships

Hello all!

Here are a couple of requests for training or apprenticeships in
bookbinding that I have received through my Web site.

        Can anyone help?

If so, please respond directly to the person concerned. In each case I have
added the person's email address to the signature line.

Best regards,... Chris

(excerpts follow)

I have a good friend Nicky who is a trained bookbinder, and quite young.
She lives in an isolated area and wants to further her study in
bookbinding, and is looking for something by correspondence. My friend
Nicky lives in South Australia, about three hours drive from Adelaide on
the Yorke Peninsula.
Regards, Serena Williams <PFMuldowney@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I was wondering if you were familiar with the whereabouts of any bookbinding
schools or apprentice programs in the U.S.
Jason Debeniotis <Jason.Debeniotis@xxxxxxxx>

Chris Lipscombe "cool tools for hot marketers"
mobile 025-732 912

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