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Re: Reading up-side-down

Burchardt, Frank wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Reading written literature in a normal manner doesn't cause
> anyone to pay you any attention, does it?  Now, if you were
> to turn the page around, so the type is up-side-down to your
> eyes and you would begin reading, would that cause a stir
> among your peers?  Perhaps this method of reading is more
> commonplace than I realize?  Anyone care to comment on this
> rather odd way of reading.
> Thanks, Frank
You might be interested in the following:

A freind of mine, who was born in Yemen, had many brothers and sisters.
The family is Jewish, and since there were so many children and only one
copy of the Bible (Torah), the children had to sit in a circle around
the book to study.  My friend can read the Torah from any direction,
sideways, upside down, and right side up!

I love this story.  It is very true.

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