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(Fwd) Book binding advice

Anybody out there who can help Thomas Hohstadt?
Ton Cremers

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From:          Thomas Hohstadt <hohstadt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject:       Book binding advice
To:            Cremers@xxxxxxxxx


I have admired your work on the Internet and would be
honored to benefit from any additional advice.
I am an author who wishes to self-publish a small number
of books. (This would include binding my own books.)  I
desire only to come close to the paperback "perfect" binding found in
Zerox now sells a thermal binder that approximates this
idea. However, their covers include a plastic,
transparent front (where the title page introduces the
book).  I want to print my own covers, then score them and bind them
somehow--maybe with a heat activated glue in Zerox's thermal binder.
What kind of glue would this be?  Where would I find it?
Or do you have other general suggestions?

Thanks for any help.

Thomas Hohstadt

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Ton Cremers
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