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Book restoration

  From the sound of it, Vi Wilson, you did good.  Those with more
experience with gold tooling than I may be able to give you precise odds
as to your chances of "repairing" the gold tooling, but dollars to
doughnuts you'd do more harm than good in the attempt.  The general
public is simply too programmed to regard 'newness' as a positive to
accept respect for the original.  This has been commented upon many
times on this list in various ways by various people.  All I can suggest
is that you discuss the matter with the client, making it clear that the
ethics of your craft prevent you from according to his or her wishes.
The owner can try to find someone of lesser caliber if them (don't use
those words in the discussion, but don't pretend either).  The down side
is that you lose the income, and we have discussed that on the list as
well.  Still, however much your wallet regrets it, the face in your
mirror will not.
 Best regards,
  Dorothy Africa

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