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(Fwd) Book date

Please send your reply to: "Rich Giannone"  < joeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Ton Cremers

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Date:          Wed, 15 Oct 1997 19:57:24 -0700
From:          joe <joeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-to:      joeg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To:            cremers@xxxxxxxxx
Subject:       Book date

Dear Sir and Madame,
I have an old book with the date "anno (1) 1) 1( " Someone told me this
was 1590. I was wondering if you know of a list of these (Roman?)
numerals because I've never seen them before.
Thank you for your time,
Rich Giannone

Ton Cremers
(Book History Chronology)
(Cultural Property Protection)

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