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Re: reference books

In addition to Dard Hunter's publications, and Henry Morris's Bird & Bull
Press publications, a short list might include:

_Ancient Paper of Nepal_ by Jesper Trier.  Copenhagen, 1972

_Written on Bamboo and Silk_ by T.H. Tsien.  Chicago, 1962

_Handmade Papers of the Himalayas_ by Nigel Macfarlane.  Winchester, 1986

_Microscopic Examination of the Faijum Papers_ by Dr. Julius Wiesner
Vienna, 1887 (I published a partial translation of the original
[_Mikroskopische Untersuchung Der Papiere von El-Faijum_] in 1987.

A history of handwriting may be more difficult as there are so many
calligraphy texts with a short history, but a good place to start would be:

_The History and Technique of Lettering_ by Alexander Nesbitt.  New York
(Dover) 1957.

_Lettering_ by Graily Hewitt.  New York, 1981.

_Writing & Illuminating and Lettering_ by Edward Johnston.  London, 1932.

Some general reference books which may be helpful include:

_Dictionary and Encyclopaedia of Paper and Paper-Making_ by E.J. Labarre.
Amsterdam, 1952.

_The Book Before Printing_ by David Diringer.  New York (Dover) 1982.

_Books and Their Makers During the Middle Ages_ by G.H. Putnam.  New York, 1962.

There are, in addition, hundreds of other books and articles which touch on
these matters.  The problem is not how much to include, but how much to cut

Hope this helps,


Jack C. Thompson
Thompson Conservation Lab.
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, OR  97217


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