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Re: (Fwd) Book date

>At 08:00 16/10/97 +0000, Rich Giannone wrote:
>>I have an old book with the date "anno (1) 1) 1( " Someone told me this
>>was 1590. I was wondering if you know of a list of these (Roman?)
>>numerals because I've never seen them before.

The system you describe is, I think, older than what we usually think of as
"Roman numerals."  According to the 11th Britannica, the I) (half of (I))
became the D which is the usual symbol for 500. (I)= 1000 [in manuscript, a
vertically divided circle similar to the Greek theta), the I)= 500. The IC
would seem to me to be 99. So I would date the book at 1599.  Maybe if we
knew what the book is we could check the date from another direction.

Sam Lanham
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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