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 When I was living in Madison, WI, a local art store carried large sheets
of brown lino - which I love - but they do not carry it anymore. I think
they got it from a local flooring supply store. Since I am now in
Minneapolis, I have been calling around for it, but to no avail. :(
 If anyone else knows of a brown lino source, please let me know!

However, grey battleship lino can be ordered from Graphic Chemical & Ink
Co., 728 North Yale Ave. PO Box 27, Vila Park IL 60181 (USA). Phone
800-465-7382, fax 630-832-6062. They offer either mounted lino in sizes up
to 9"x12", or unmounted by the square foot, in 12", 24" or 36" widths, or
in rolls of either 24" or 36" wide. I have have good results from them -
they respond quickly, carry a wide variety of inks and tools and printing
supplies as well, and their lino is imported from Europe at regular
intervals, so it is nice and fresh. I print by hand (or foot - by stamping
on it), on the fabrics and big sheets of watercolor or hand-made paper, and
it seems to work very well, no cracking or chipping.

Have fun!

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