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Re: reference books

Dear Friends

Here are some books on the history of writing in addition to those
already mentioned:

A History of Writing, Albertine Gaur, NY, Cross Roiver Press, 1992
This book has the broadest scope with chapters on The Fertile Crescent,
Ancient Mediterranean, Pre-Columbian, Far East, Semitic, Indian and
Southeast Asian, Greek and European.It also covers social attitudes
towards writing and literacy.

The Story of Writing, Andrew Robinson, London, Thames & Hudson, 1995
This book has three sections: How Writing Works, Extinct Writing:
Cuneiform, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Linear B, Mayan Glyphs, Undeciphered
Scripts, and Living Writing: The First Alphabet, New Alphabets from Old,
Chinese Writing, Japanese Writing. There are lots of illustrations.

The Story of Writing, Donald Jackson, NY, Taplinger Publishing Co, 1981
This book is writtten by well-known English calligrapher and Scribe to
Her Majesty the Queen and focuses on the Roman alphabet. The main focus
is on the calligraphic hands from the Dark Ages through the Renaissance.
The history is enhanced by his perspective as a working scribe.

Writing Materials of the East, Albertine Gaur, London, The British
Library Board, 1979
A slim book focusing on the surface materials used for writing with some
nice illustrations of books and writing from India, China, Burma,

For Kids:
Writing and Printing, Steve and Patricia Harrison, London, BBC
Educational Publishing, 1991
Part of the BBC Fact Finders series. This is a concise overview with a
double page spread for each topic from cave painting to the way the book
ws printed today.

Breaking Into Print: Before and After the Invention of the Printing
Press, Stephen Krensky, Boston, Little, Brown, & Co., 1996
This beautifully illustrated and designed book starts with a French
monk, goes through Gutenberg to today. There is a  history of writing in
the back.

in good spirit,

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