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Lost in Mississippi

Hello all

I have here a request for bookbinding contacts in Louisiana, Mississippi
and Colorado. If you are a bookbinder in the area, or are aware of
bookbinders practising in these states, and would like to welcome a
colleague of religious persuasion, please contact Miss Rosemary Wallace
directly at denisedc@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Best regards,... Chris

(Rosemary's mail follows, with her permission)

>Greetings! As one who has been happily stuck in the dark ages with
>regard to technology I find this rather fascinating. I am compelled to
>write to you because I am about to move from California to Mississippi
>and fear that it will be impossible to find book binders and suppliers
>anyhwere near. What would possess me to leave CA for MS you might be
>asking....I am to enter an Abbey next fall (not in MS) so I will be
>visiting my mother for awhile. I will be leaving in two weeks for
>Germany to stay at the Abtei St. Hildegard in Rudesheim. They restore
>books dating from the 12th C. onward. I am very excited to be able to
>work with them for a short while. I have been studying under Anne
>Kahle-Capricornus Bindery in Berkeley, California. I hope to continue my
>work in the Abbey where I am to join. I would appreciate any information
>about binders/suppliers in Louisiana, Mississippi and Colorado. I have
>enjoyed exploring your site. I apologize for the rambling discourse...I
>am quite tired but keep finding interesting things to explore.
>PAX Miss Rosemary Wallace

Chris Lipscombe "cool tools for hot marketers"
mobile 025-732 912

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