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Printery for sale


Now that I'm in my golden years I need to narrow my scattered interests a
bit and this means choosing between bookbinding and printing.  Printing has
been a part of my doings since I was a printer's devil at age 13 but since
I don't have room for both shops I must make the difficult choice. I've
decided that the focus will be bookbinding. Therefore, I have a small but
complete home printing shop for sale. The press is a 1920's Pilot-type,
benchtop platen press (6.5"x10") in good printing condition. I have a good
run of Bruce Rogers' Centaur--mostly unused.  The price for the whole shop
(the only way I'll sell it)--lock, stock, and barrel--is
$1000--considerably less than I have in it. The shop is perfect for someone
just getting into printing.  I will be glad to forward a detailed inventory
to anyone  interested.

I'm located near Fredericksburg, Texas which is 70 miles north of San
Antonio and 70 miles west of Austin and I would prefer to sell the shop in
the central Texas area for ease of examination and transport.


Sam Lanham
P. O. Box 1154
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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