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Re: Printery for sale

Hi Sam,

I'm in northwest Arkansas and would be very interested in details
regarding your print shop. A couple of weeks ago I attended the
Typocrafters 60th annual meeting at the University of Iowa Center
for the Book, where I was exposed to fine letterpress printing for
the first time. I saw many examples of exquisitely sublime work.
Is the Pilot capable, after the operator has the requisite experience,
of producing clean work with rich, deep, consistently dense ink
and sharp, clean edges, possibly with a little bite into dampened
paper? Can registration be precisely controlled for multiple-
color jobs?

These are questions of a rank beginner who has seen a platen press
operated in a historical reenactment context but has never observed
a fine printer at work. If I'm asking some really stupid questions
please excuse me. Are you aware of any images of the Pilot which can
be viewed on the World Wide Web?

In any event, please send your detailed inventory list when it's
convenient. I'd specifically like to know the range of types--
whether italics, small caps, and titling faces are represented.
Appreciate your help!

Thanks,   Bryan


At 07:54 PM 10/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Now that I'm in my golden years I need to narrow my scattered interests a
>bit and this means choosing between bookbinding and printing.  Printing has
>been a part of my doings since I was a printer's devil at age 13 but since
>I don't have room for both shops I must make the difficult choice. I've
>decided that the focus will be bookbinding. Therefore, I have a small but
>complete home printing shop for sale. The press is a 1920's Pilot-type,
>benchtop platen press (6.5"x10") in good printing condition. I have a good
>run of Bruce Rogers' Centaur--mostly unused.  The price for the whole shop
>(the only way I'll sell it)--lock, stock, and barrel--is
>$1000--considerably less than I have in it. The shop is perfect for someone
>just getting into printing.  I will be glad to forward a detailed inventory
>to anyone  interested.
>I'm located near Fredericksburg, Texas which is 70 miles north of San
>Antonio and 70 miles west of Austin and I would prefer to sell the shop in
>the central Texas area for ease of examination and transport.
>Sam Lanham
>P. O. Box 1154
>Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
>Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)


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