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Does anyone have a source for 23K genuine gold foil.  A number of NYC
binders have been using Swift=92s gold foil, ordered through Ernie
Schaefer, and over the past year or so have not been very satisfied.=20
This gold foil does not give a clean release, so, regardless of
temperature, pressure and dwell, the stamped letters appear fuzzy.  Upon
examination, we notice that the letter wells have gold adhered to the
sides, which causes this fuzzy appearance.  (It should be noted that we
use both Kensol and Kwik Print presses and both service and new brass

We don=92t recall this problem using gold foil from the same supplier
purchased 5 or 6 years ago.  While finishers have always used a pointed
stick to remove some of the unwanted gold residue, the problem we are
now experiencing is too excessive to achieve a crisp, clean stamping and
would require far too much time to remove by scratching. =20

1.      Has anyone else experienced these problems? =20
2.      Does anyone have a different source or manufacturer for real gold
3.      Any tips or suggestions that could solve our problem ?

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