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Book Arts stuff in London

     Hi all again.

     Let me first say thanks way in advance as I may not get a chance to do
     so personally.

     I am headed off to London to do some work related things and some play
     related things on the first of November.  I would, should I get the
     chance, like to check out opportunities for training in book-arts
     things (binding, printing, whatever) while I'm there.  I did ask a
     while ago for similar information and I did receive some responses on
     UK training programs -- however the happiness of a brand new computer
     is coupled with some frustration and I seem to have "misplaced" lost a
     few things, including those saved messages.  If anyone has any
     suggestions of places/schools/people to contact IN LONDON, I would (as
     always) appreciate any information you can give.

     Please respond to me off-list.



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