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Class in Guatemala

Hi everyone. My Fall newsletter will be going out soon with information about
a special workshop I will be teaching in Guatemala in late February. Here are
the particulars, and if anyone is interested in further information, please
contact me directly at ARTSURVIVE@xxxxxxx or the workshop coordinator, Liza
Fourre, Art Workshops in La Antigua Guatemala, at FOURRE@xxxxxxxx You can
also visit the web site: http://www.d.umn.edu/!pedstrom/guat/

Explore the imaginative, exciting and endlessly variable artist book! Join
book artist, visual artist and poet Barbara Harman for an adventure exploring
the myriad of ways paper, words and images are transformed into untique
three-dimensional art objects.

Barbara begins with the basics - folding, cutting, stitching, gluing--applied
to simple but versatile books designed to master the necessary skills for
creating increasingly complex structures. Using papers painted and decorated
(under Barbara's guidance for inexperienced visual artists) in class, you
will make fold-out, tumble-out and meandering pages to fill the envelopes,
portfolios, portable museums and albums you've learned to create.

You'll be incredibly influenced by your colorful new surroundings. Barbara
will help you incorporate those influence--whether you express yourself
through the written word, drawing, painting, photographically or simply by
collecting mementos. You may choose to make a book to house these recordings
as a lasting memento of your wonderful experience in Guatemala--or you could
find yourself creating a completely new kind of book!! This workshop is
appropriate for artists of all skill levels. No prior bookmaking experience
is necessary--just bring a small spiral notebook for journaling and leave
room in your suitcase for the many wonderful books you will be taking home.>>

I am told that this area of Guatemala is truly beautiful, with great
restaurants and shopping, breathtaking views and friendly people. Classes are
quite small and are held in the mornings to leave afternoons free for hiking,
taking in local color in the markets of Santiago Atitlan, or just relaxing in
the sun. As I live in Minnesota, the sun part especially appeals.

Please pass this information on to anyone you feel would be interested.
Thanks very much for your time in reading this and any efforts you make on my

Barbara Harman

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