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Re: Book Arts stuff in London


Please squeeze me in your suitcase.
If you want to feel awestruck, walk into the British Museum and turn
right, in the direction of the library.
If you can ever get yourself out of there, as you are leaving, out on
the sidewalk, turn right and walk down a block or so to the T.E.
Lawrence & Sons art and printing supply store.
I am writing this at work, relying solely on memory, but will check
addresses and phone numbers at home tonight.  Anyway, here's more:
Try to locate The Curwen Press.  It used to be off Tottenham Court
Road, not all that far from the British Museum.  This studio has more
to do with litho printing artwork but is connected to the original
Curwen (I'll try to get more info for you).
The London College of Printing at Elephant & Castle (a big yukky tube
stop) is a wonderful place, and evidently offers a program in bookarts
And of course there are all the book stores on Charing Cross Road
(lower end of Tottenham Court Road).
Oh, I'm jealous.
Alison Hardage
St. Petersburg, Florida

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