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Florida Books

Alison:  I noticed from a recent posting address that you live in
Florida.  I am going to vacation in Florida in the second half of
November and my partner and I plan to drive the east coast.

I was going to post a general request for info on Florida book arts to
the list but I wonder if you could help me.  I'd be happy to call you at
a time of your choice if it's easier to chat than type or perhaps if you
can't help, you might know someone who could.

So far the plan is to spend 4 days in Maimi with family, then rent a car
and explore the gulf coast.  We're looking forward to seeing an entirely
new part of the country - not to mention having one last chance to wear
short-sleeved shirts before they're packed away for 5 long, dark months!

Thanks so much.

Artemis BonaDea
North Bound Books
Box 240768
Anchorage, AK  99524


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