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Binders Awl

Hello all (awl. ha ha)

I'm in search of a binder's awl.
(Ah, but, of a specific style.)

If you are familiar with Keith Smith's book "Non Adhesive Binding"
there is a photo of various tools near the front of the book.
Sorry I don't have it in front of me, so no page number.
It is shown there if you have the book.

To describe it: the handle looks like a mushroom cap on top of a top.
The kind you played with as a child. The spike is of course non tapered.

Anyone know where I can get one? I've called TALAS, Bookbinder's =
and one or two others. No luck. Maybe Keith's is an antique? I like the
style of the handle. If I can't find one I guess I'll keep using my
trusty push-pin.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Best in lead, tin & antimony,

Michael Babcock
interrobang letterpress

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