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Re: elastic closures

At 15:43 22/10/97 -0400, you wrote:
>   I'd like to ask if anyone has the correct name for the closure I have seen
>on banker's boxes and folders.  It is a piece of thin elastic with metal ends
>which can be turned perpendicular to the string to fit into round holes in
>the cardboard.
>   I have asked at office supply places but no one there knows the name, its
>just a "thingee" that comes with the box or folder you buy.
>   I want to buy some, however "thingee" seems rather vague!  Also if anyone
>has a source for these I wold appreciate hearing about it.
>Many thanks
>Kathy Crump

This sounds a little like 'Treasury Tags'.  If you can imagine the letter
'H', the two uprights are made of metal or plastic about 3/4" (19mm) long,
whilst the cross piece is made of string (not elastic), normally green in
colour (at least they are here in the UK).  The length of the cross piece
can be anything from 1" (25mm) up to 4" (100mm) long.

They are available in the UK from most office suppliers and cost about 2
pounds sterling for 100 pieces.

I hope that this helps,



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