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(off topic) Searching for Custom Die-Cutting Company

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I apologize for making a request off topic, but since so many of the
subscribers here seem to be involved in the professional printing field I
thought I might be able to get some much needed help from someone on this

I'm making a friend's wedding invitation and we're doing cut-outs of their
initials on the cover and an origamic architecture design (pop-up cut from
one sheet of paper) inside.  Since 120 of these invitations need to be cut, I
would like to have them either die-cut or laser-cut.  I'm searching the
internet and the yellow pages with little success, and the local printers are
not able to handle the intricate cutting involved.

Does anyone know of a company that will do custom die-cutting or
laser-cutting for a run of this size?  I would prefer to work with a company
in New Jersey or the metro New York City or Philadelphia area, but am willing
to work with a company via the mail.   Please reply directly to

I'd also like to take this opportunity to invite any papercraft aficionados
present to peruse my origamic architecture website at
http://members.aol.com/kselena/OA/oamainpg.html.  I would very much enjoy
corresponding with others about OA.

Thank you very much,
K. Selena Kim
Bridgewater, New Jersey

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