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Re: typocrafters information

At 06:10 PM 10/23/97 CST, Terry wrote:

>Lately I've been hearing about the Typocrafters. I've been wondering
>if anyone could/would share any information they have about the
>Typocrafters. I know they just had a meeting in Iowa just recently.
>Are they similar to ATF? Do they meet every year? What's their
>history?  Just wondering. Thanks in advance for any replies.

The Typocrafters is a group of folks interested in typographical practice,
history, and future. It was formed sixty years ago and has been meeting ever
since. There are no officers, business meetings or dues. At one meeting,
someone offers to host the next and it goes on from there.

The Iowa fete was great! We visited the Windhover Press, the Iowa Center for
the Book and the Typographical Laboratory of the School of Journalism. Lots
of "type talk" and a recitation of the history of the book as it relates to
private presses in the Iowa City area -- Carrol Coleman's Prairie Press,
Harry Duncan's Cummington Press, Kim Merker's Stonewall Press and the
Windhover press of the University were among the stars of the presentation.

Next year's gathering is being held at the University of Indiana in
Bloomington. Hope to see you there.

John G. Henry - Cedar Creek Press

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