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Re: Florida Books

I'm a hobby printer in St. Petersburg - limited to only a few hours a
week, as I work full time at a brokerage firm, and have two young
children and a husband who demand lots of my attention.  Such is life.
My husband is a musician.  His band played at "Ray's Downtown" (?) over
there a couple of months ago.  If Ray will get him back over there, I'd
like to come along and see what you've been doing.  So far I haven't
done much outside the realm of stationery. (And "fine art" printing in
college about 20 years ago)  I've lost the email I read a few weeks ago
about some collection of books or manuscripts over there that were
getting a new home or their own museum or something.
Feel free to call me at 813 822-6615 (home) or email

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