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Floaty Pens Correction



the correct link is:


for anyone who had trouble.



The Idaho Center for the Book announces "Fabulous Floating Pens," an
exhibition of "floaty," "photoramic," or "action pens.  Over 600 pens
from private collectors, designers, distributors and manufacturers
are on display.
Notable pens depict The Last Supper, OJ loose on the freeway with
police in pursuit, a brick, Mr. Peanut, a Richter Scale seismic
gauge, Elvis at Graceland, Macedonia, The Great Wall of China, music,
the Corn Palace, Exorcism of Demons, Mt. St. Helens (exploding), a
pickle, males and females clothed and unclothed, and more, much, much
The exhibition also features "antique" Eskesen pens from the
Danish inventor of floaties, and the Idaho Center for the Book
commemorative "floaty."  Also featured at the exhibtion:  on-line
facilities to floaty web sites, catalogues, informational and
promotional materials.
Exhibition dates:  17 October-9 November, Gallery One, Liberal Arts
Building, Boise State University campus.
For further information:  208.385.1999.
To order ICB commemorative pen or exhibit catalogue:  1.800.992.TEXT.
To visit the Fabulous Floating Pens web site preliminary gallery:
Completed gallery on-line 1 December at the ICB website

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