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Re: GARY FROST exhibit at Center for Book Arts

Saw the exhibit on Friday the 24th.  N-I-C-E.  It showcases Mr. Frost's
development as a binder, and shows his interests very well.  The exhibit was
informative, and inspiring.

To me the exhibit shows Gary Frost's excitement with being able to create a
book as an object that feels good in your hands, looks good, is relatively easy
to produce.  If you're a list member, you probably know it's different to hold
a book than to look at a book.  Holding them in your hands is a "lightbulb"
experience compared to looking at the bindings at the Dry Frio web site.

The inspiration for me was knowing I have things to do which "need" to be done
with Gary Frost's contemporary structures.

The catalog was described in a message on this list, earlier.  The catalog very
accurately represents the artist and the exhibit.  Other things being sold
to accompany the exhibit are blank books with the Utopian Ethiopian and
Post-digital bindings, and a kit with
instructions and pre-cut parts for Frost's "Post-Digital" binding.
Another publication called a "student guide" is also available.

Frost's Millennial binding a "double fanned text using transfer tape coated
boards and a Tyvek covering" is described in detail as part of the catalog, BTW.

-Karen from Atlanta

On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Richard Minsky wrote:

>          Center for Book Arts is pleased to present
>        GARY FROST: Explorer of Book Structure & Action
>            an exhibition curated by Richard Minsky
>              October 23 through December 6, 1997

>             http://minsky.com

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