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The Plantin-Moretus Museum CD-Rom

If you are interested in The Plantin-Moretus Museum or printing and
publishing in the 16th century.

    Visit: http://www.vandekerckhove-devos.be/plantin/plantin.htm

for the new release of the Plantin-Moretus CD-ROM.

The Plantin-Moretus-CD-Rom deals with the life and works of the most
important 16th century typographer-publisher Christopher Plantin,
embedded in a virtual museumwalk. It combines the very best of =

Flemish-Belgian cultural heritage with state-of-the-art multimedia =


This interactive document consists of the family-history & genealogical
tree, the 16th-century printing process & printing plant, 15 top
publications (220 zoompages!) and the museum collections.

Moreover, the CD-Rom contains more than 700 superb pictures, 135
textscreens and 60 minutes of voice-over. It is interspersed with video
fragments and atmospheric Renaissance music.

In the courtyard you can navigate through 360=B0 and click on statues and=

doors. The Plantin-Moretus-CD-Rom offers a survey of dozens of major
books and publications, which you can browse and zoom in on. In the
interactive Plantin printing works, you can typeset, ink up and print a
text of your own using historically authentic techniques. The extremely
user-friendly English and Dutch version Mac/PC CD-Rom has been realized
for the Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp, Belgium.

It got two times nominated for the '97 "British Interactive Multimedia

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