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Re: New Letterpress FAQ

Thank you for the forthcoming mention.  My subscription request is
in the mail (if you haven't already got it).

The last three issues of what are free?  Whatever they are, can
you send them to me?  My address is: PO Box 413, Bowling Green
Station, NY, NY 10274-0413.

I'll send you $3 for a Survivors' Kit -- sounds interesting.
I can mention that as a resource in the FAQ once I know what's
in it.

Finally, thanks about the series/style clarification -- I've
corrected the FAQ accordingly.



Michael Phillips wrote:
> Will mention FAQ in next issue of The Printer - sample copies available
> from The Printer 337 Wilson Street, Fndlay OH 45840 - USA.
>      We are putting together a "Letterpress Survivors Kit" of material
> to send to new people getting into fine or coarse printing or book arts
> or....... There will be a price for kit  of $3 to cover postage.
>     Sample copies only - the last three issues - are free.
>       Minor point about new FAQ - handler and Price presses  are either
> new or old series not new or old style --- Pearl is  old or new style -
> therein may be  what has caused confusion.
> Thanks,
> The Printer
> 337 Wilson Street
> Findlay OH 45840 USA
> fax 4l9-423-2472
> printer918@xxxxxxxxx

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